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-Check out 6 “healthy” foods that may contain sugar-

Do not trust only the label: always check the list of ingredients to consume.
Boa Forma Magazine
By Amanda Panteri
access time 2 Nov 2019, 10:30
Do you know what to say “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Yes it is also valid during trips to the supermarket. This is because, today, we find so many product options that claim to be healthy out there that it is doubtful that they really do well, right? And we must pay attention to this problem, because many brands end up hiding meaningless ingredients in the lowercase letters of the labels.

Therefore, we request the help of nutritionist Nivea Bordin , from the Leger Clinic in Rio de Janeiro. She warned us about some elements that many people think are beneficial to the body but actually hide (a lot) sugar in the composition. And it is always worth remembering that sugar, when it is in excess, has a potential additive, can cause blood glucose spikes (which contributes to the development of diabetes), as well as increase the risk of cancer, obesity and heart problems . Look which ones:

No, we are not here to take advantage of the merit of this food: the milk derivative is rich in calcium and very important for children and adults in the development and maintenance of bones. However, the doctor makes a small alert. “You have to be careful since most of them have too much sugar.” The fact is even a concern of the Ministry of Health, according to her.

“Some are full of dyes, stabilizers and sugars, also in the form of syrups, maltose and fructose,” adds Nivea. To be considered low in the ingredient, it should contain only 5 g of sugar per 100 g of yogurt.

Therefore, the nutritionist recommends that you pay close attention to the nutritional chart of the brand you choose. If you have more than recommended, it is worth replacing it with a less sweet one.

Big wave
Another food that, if well prepared, brings numerous benefits to the body. “Granola is rich in soluble fiber, which in contact with water gives a feeling of satiety. And also in insoluble fibers, which absorb the liquids present, increasing their volume and, consequently, forming a larger fecal cake. This improves intestinal transit and prevents constipation, ”he explains.

The composition of the granola may vary and depends on the brand. Nivea states that we generally find a mixture of cereals such as rice flakes, oatmeal, wheat bran and cornflakes. Many of them are associated with dried fruits, which despite adding more calories to the product, give it a tastier flavor. And grains such as peanuts, flax seeds and sesame can also be present. The problem? It is that some preparations still include, in addition to all this, a large amount of sugar.

Isotonic and cash juices
Nothing like a canister juice or an isotonic after training, right? Evil! Both are full of “sugar, preservatives, dyes and high levels of sodium,” says the nutritionist, who still compares industrialized juices as bad as soda.

What to drink then? Water or natural juice! “Natural juices are always healthy. When consumed without sugar, of course, because it already contains fructose. ” It is also worth choosing fruits with low glycemic indexes (pear, apple and melon).

Industrialized spices
They are so small that they seem harmless, right? Yes it is The tablets and the meat and vegetable broth that we buy in the supermarket are full of ingredients that harm our health. Not to mention the absurd sodium level, which can reach almost 1 g per serving (the maximum recommended by the WHO is 2 g per day). “Ready seasonings also feature titanium dioxide. Research shows that the presence of the substance in food and medicine impairs the absorption of zinc, iron and fatty acids from the small intestine, ”explains the doctor.

Cereal bars
Caution: virtually all cereal bars contain sugar. “The important thing is to choose the ones with more fibers. Or those with a lot of protein. You must have at least 8 g of protein, up to 30 g! ”Says Nivea. But keep an eye on the amount of sodium: the more you have, the hotter it tends to be. The same goes for sugar.

“Gelatins are very poor nutritionally, have a lot of sugar and sodium, and have no fiber, and a minimum amount of protein compared to other foods,” explains the nutritionist. That is, if it is to kill the desire for sweet, it can even. But I prefer the diet versions.


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