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Dr. Roberto Chacur launches book during the ABME Congress

Dr. Roberto Chacur attended the 15th ABME World Congress, from March 15 to 17, 2018, to launch his book “Science and art of filling”. The event took place at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel in Sao Paulo.

On March 16, the doctor made the official launch of his book Science and Art of Fill in a one-hour conference where he addressed the concepts of beauty, the science of aging and how medicine relies on art concepts to harmonize faces and bodies through the filling. Dr. Roberto Chacur’s book “Science and art of filling” brings the experience of 12 years of exclusive work with this technique. In the publication, the doctor shares how he performs his work with collagen-stimulating substances and how he found his full understanding by seeing his patients’ satisfaction with this method.

On the 17th, the surgeon participated in the panel “Outstanding treatments and technologies in the aesthetic market II” talking about his technique called Goldincision to treat irregularities, especially cellulite, with subcision and filling. The GoldIncision technique uses a scalpel surgical gold needle to separate the fibrosis that causes the irregularity followed by the filling of the depression. From a single point of entry into the skin, Dr. Roberto Chacur performs two complementary treatments that allow a more harmonious appearance and greater patient satisfaction, with the return to the same day’s routine.

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