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Dr. Roberto Chacur presents studies on the EADV

From September 28 to October 2, Dr. Roberto Chacur will be at the Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology in Vienna, Austria.

The doctor will participate in the event as a congressman and coordinator of two studies that will be presented in the form of electronic posters. In one of them, entitled “Association of five techniques: facial fractional filling, radiofrequency fractional CO2, ultherapy and botulinum toxin”, the results obtained using five different technologies for skin rejuvenation, stretching and renewal, including volume replacement , Collagen stimulation and reduction of wrinkles, sagging and spots. A work that begins in the face-to-face evaluation and continues until the review consultation with the application of botulinum toxin and skin enhancer.

The combination of the technologies in the three participants of the study allowed to restore the lost volume with aging, both muscular, subcutaneous and even bone, as well as the production of new collagen in deep planes of PMMA. The muscle was recovered by filling the periosteum, the connective tissue membrane composed of fibroblasts and collagen, located between the bones and muscles, which is responsible for bone growth and repair.

Subsequently, the inflammatory process induced by microfocus ultrasound with micro coagulation points was used to continue collagen stimulation and sagging treatment. The fractional CO2 laser was used to minimize fine wrinkles and skin imperfections, such as melanosis. The treatment ended two weeks later during the review consultation, when the skin was hydrated with hyaluronic acid by means of the reinforcement technique and the expression lines were reduced with botulinum toxin.

In the second electronic poster, entitled “Comparative analysis between different polymethylmethacrylate products sold in Brazil,” Dr. Roberto Chacur conducted a study of three PMMA brands produced in Brazil. Among the products found, only one of them had regular-sized microspheres, between 30 and 50 micrometers, which means a lower risk of phagocytosis, nodule formation, inflammation and migration. Working with bioplasty for almost ten years, Dr. Roberto contributes to the evolution of the technique that allows facial and body modifications to be made without surgery, including the enlargement of the buttocks and the contour of the chin and the jaw line. The Leger Clinic only uses products approved by Anvisa.

Also during the congress will be discussed: acne and related problems; trichology, laser treatments and pigmentary diseases, as well as cosmetic, aesthetic and corrective dermatology. The objective is to democratize the news on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research on dermatology and venereal diseases.

From September 28 to October 2, Dr. Roberto Chacur will be at the Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology in Vienna, Austria.


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