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With chin (mentum) bioplasty we are able to augment, protrude, and correct asymmetries and imperfections without surgery, through a minimally invasive procedure.

The anterior line of the mentum must be at the same level as the glabellum line. This is one of the most utilized parameters for ascertaining beauty. Through bioplasty, it is possible to make the chin rounder, longer, and/or larger, catering to the specific needs and wishes of each patient.

Bioplasty for mentonian augmentation is a quick procedure, usually taking around 30 minutes. This procedure is performed with use of local anesthetics, without cuts or stitches. The patient is awake and able to actively participate in the proceedings, determining results.

The substance we use is called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which stays in the area that it was applied to. The body does not reabsorb it, and it does not migrate. It does not cause rejection or allergic reactions.

Complications are virtually nonexistent, for the procedure is done with the use of local anesthetics and via a blunt-tipped microcannula that does not cause any type of neurovascular lesions. Bleeding is minimal and no cuts or stitches are made.