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Correction of wrinkles and scars with bioplasty

Bioplasty provides an improvement of the facial wrinkles, hollows, scars and depressions. The nasogenian fold can also be filled as well those deep wrinkles on corners of the mouth (commonly known as “Chinese mustache”). To enhance the contour and volume of the lips, chin, amongst others. To correct volumetrical asymmetries of the face, restoring the loss volume of the face through the aging, providing a better and harmonious youthful appearance.

Bioplasty is performed with the use of local anesthesia, and the patient may return to his/her normal activities just after the procedure.

Bioplasty is compatible with other treatments and can be performed after peels or facial lifts.

Bioplasty does not stop or prevent the natural aging process. The patient is advisable to undergo, if it’s needed, a new procedure years later.