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Lip Augmentation with Bioplasty

Lip bioplasty can plump thin lips, improve its contours, better define the Cupid’s bow, correct imperfections and significantly improve harmony between the lips and the face.
Considerations: since lips are only naturally protected and moistened by the saliva, patients must protect the lips from sun exposure and keep the lips well moisturized as to avoid discomfort and chapping.
Enhance your lips with lip bioplasty without bleeds or cuts.

Lip bioplasty plays an important aesthetic role in perfecting, molding and enhancing lips, resulting on sensual and full lips.
As this procedure may utilize biomaterials that are not absorbed by the body, we strongly recommend the application of less filler than desired by the patient on a first session. A complementary procedure (with no additional costs) can be scheduled 20 to 30 days after the first. Applying the filler in stages allows for a safer, risk-free procedure, preventing undesirable results.

For those looking for a longer lasting solution for lip augmentation, bioplasty is the new trend. Since lips are such sensitive and delicate areas, we give preference to products such as hyaluronic acid (absorbable) or polyacrylamide (permanent). The body reabsorbs hyaluronic acid after 6 to 9 months of application. There are many products available for lip augmentation, though we suggest the use of hyaluronic acid. Below is a list of such products.

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Out Line® and Evolution®

The first is a cutaneous implant made of synthetic polyacrylamide gel, and it is used to fill facial depressions. It is very effective lip augmentation and for the correction of deep facial wrinkles, such as the ones located at the forehead and on corners of the mouth. The main function of Out Line® is to stimulate the skin to make collagen and elastin. It was designed to present results that can last up to 2 years. The latter offers effective treatment for nasogenian folds, glabellum folds (between the eyebrows), wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, deep cutaneous depressions and also for atrophic scars. Evolution® is composed of polyacrylamide gel and of microspheres that are permanent, allowing for longer lasting results. The product is applied to deep planes of the dermis. It has great results for lip augmentation via lip bioplasty.

Restylane® e Perlane®

Both Restylane® and Perlane® are facial fillers that have hyaluronic acid as base (substance that presents affinity to water). Restylane® is often recommended for lip augmentation, to define lip contours, correct finer wrinkles and those that develop with the natural aging process. This substance guarantees filling wrinkles and folds at the contours of the lips without leaving signs of the procedure or scars for a period of time ranging from 6 months to a year, depending on the patient. It is applied to average size wrinkles and does not cause side effects. Restylane® has the advantage of promoting skin hydration. Perlane® is recommended for use on deeper folds, especially those located on the nasogenian region. It can also be used to correct facial asymmetries and as lip filler. It is an excellent product for lip augmentation and lip bioplasty.

It is a polyacrylamide gel based facial filler. Hylaform® is used in finer and deeper lines, on scars and to promote lip augmentation and/or define lip contours, causing the skin to regain a jovial structure. Results are immediately seen and last an average of 8 months. This product needs to be reapplied yearly. There are no counterindications. It is great for lip augmentation (lip bioplasty).
Zyplast® e Zyderm®
Collagen (natural protein of the organism) based facial implants Zyderm®1 is used for facial lines around the eyes. Zyderm®2 can be applied to moderate wrinkles. Zyplast® is used to correct depressions that are deeper, such as the nasogenian folds, and for lip augmentation and definition of lip contours. The doctor will need to run a dermatological test with the patient, as to avoid a possible allergic reaction, in order to secure patient safety.
We do not generally use this product, though it is widely used in the US and in Europe for lip augmentation.

New-Fill® is a polylactic acid and hydrogel based new filler. This acid is found naturally in the human organism. It has been used for over 30 years and no allergic reactions or product rejections were ever reported. It is used to fill nasogenian folds, lines at the glabellum region and for lip augmentation. This product is part of a new generation of fillers that promote the increase of the thickness of the skin, correcting undesirable wrinkles, at the cost of elements (cells) of the own skin. This product lasts in average a year and a half, and can last up to 3 years. This permits that procedures be redone, as this product is not permanent.