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Plastic Surgery

Mammoplasty surgery

Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces breast size from excising excess of fat, a glandular tissue and skin of large or drooping breasts, resulting in a better aesthetic form and sized breasts. This procedure is recommended for patients who feel uncomfortable about the shape and size of their breasts, under pain or aches in the breasts, shoulders, back, or just feeling unpleasant during physical activities.

These problems are minimized through breast reduction, which also helps to correct and enhance posture, better your appearance and empower your self-esteem. There are many techniques that may be used on reduction mammoplasty, and the most commonly used procedures as far as incisions are racket shaped, vertical and inverted “T” or anchor. Scarring reaches a great quality, but may require several months to reach acceptability.

The surgery duration takes takes from 2 to 3h and it can be performed as an outpatient or inpatient procedure. Most frequently used anesthetics are epidural or general anesthesia.

The patient must wear a bandage for 3 days post-op, and then wear an appropriate brassiere. Postoperative pain is well tolerated with the use of regular painkillers.

There might appear some edema of the breasts for 2 to 3 weeks post-op, and final results can take several months to be reached.

Patients may return to their normal activities after 1, 3 weeks top, and should avoid strength activities.

Mammogram and/or Breast MRI are requested pre-op. This surgery does not impair patients of retaking these exams in future time.

All information provided on this page is merely for patient instruction and understanding. It is not specific medical advice and does not intend to substitute a formal doctor-patient relation.

Every patient presents a different case and not all patients take same options. Each one of us has a unique tissue; therefore, results may vary from person to person.