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Products and Technology


Microcannula is a french technology developed exclusively for facial fillers’ injections. The blunt-tip needle for less pain.

To significantly reduce pain during fillers’ injection, an european work has developed the microcannula. Now it’s possible to reduce wrinkles and create volume with little or no bruising. The blun-tip is flexible and atraumatic, avoiding neurovascular lesions in minimmaly invasive procedures with very short downtime.

As you can see above, microcannulas are available in various lengths and gauges, been adaptive to the kind of the procedure and requiring fewer entry points into the skin. The flexible property of the canula allows more sensibility, which means easier manipulation and less risk of filler concentration.

Almost every filler has the power to stimulate collagen and it’s no different with microcannulas. The simple movement of the blunt-tip needle does a mechanical stimulation for the body’s collagen production.

Microcannulas make your filling less painful, with little or no bruise and gives you a shorter