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Products and Technology


Polymethylmethacrilate (PMMA) is a biocompatible polymer used to fill wrinkles, folds and cutaneous depressions permanently. PMMA can also create volume and define contour of nose, lips or chin.

The most wanted procedure is the gluteus bioplasty with PMMA. Unlike silicone implants, the filling with PMMA looks more natural and it’s not rigid, being adapted by the doctor to the pacient’s body lines. With local anesthesia the pacient can be awaqke during the ambulatory procedure and return to his activities in a short period.

PMMA has been used in medicine for 30 years and achieved a high level of technology. Today, the product is composed of micro spheres of polymethylmethacrilate with 40/60 micra of diameter suspended in a chemical colloid of carboximethylcelulose. Biologically inert and non-absorbable is density 1. By their diameter and free of irregularity on its surface, the micro spheres are not phagocytized, remaining in the site where they were placed. Beyond that, they induce collagen and elastic fibers stimulation, as well as the neovascularization of the tissue.

There are lots of brands selling polymethylmethacrilate, but few of then are ANVISA and/or FDA approved. Dr. Roberto Chacur can help you on that during the visit before the procedured. PMMA’s reaction is progressive, from two weeks to 2 months. Keep in mind that only doctors can do filling or bioplasty and it must be done in an environment free of contamination.