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Strecher of the face bioplasty

heek bioplasty is a great procedure for the improvement of the maxilla contour and definition, replenishing volumetric symmetry reduced with aging. It is an excellent procedure capable of greatly influencing facial light/ shadow ratio and plumpness, also producing a “blush” effect, a symbol of facial beauty.

Malar augmentation, or cheek augmentation, also diminishes tissue flaccidity for it replenishes lost facial volume, having an effect similar to that of the surgical lift. This procedure is often performed in association with jaw line bioplasty; further improving tissue flaccidity and the “blush” effect.

Considerations for facial bioplasty – Cheeks.

This is a very simple procedure, and the patient is awake and able to follow the proceedings. The implant can be reshaped within 4 days of the procedure, when the suspension of molecules – cellulose colloids or gel – depending of the implant, are absorbed and substituted with collagen that is being made by the patient’s organism as a response to the stimuli that PMMA causes on fibroblasts.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled 7 days after the procedure.
Complications are virtually nonexistent, for the procedure is done with the use of local anesthetics and via a blunt-tipped microcannula that does not cause any type of neurovascular lesions. Bleeding is minimal and no cuts or stitches are made. The patient may, as an example, have the procedure done during lunch hour and return to work immediately after.

As previously mentioned, bioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed through use of local anesthetics, without the need for sedation. As the patient is awake and participating during all process. Results are final.