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5th World Consensus of Injectable Fillers in Mexico

Dr. Roberto Chacur participated in the 5th World Consensus on Filled Injectables in Guadalajara, Mexico. The event was held exclusively for medical professionals and was held from October 24 to 26, 2019. At the meeting promoted by Biodiet & Contour Estetico, Chacur shared his experience of 12 years of study, improving and performing the filling technique of PMMA .

The Brazilian took to the medical community the study of buttock filling with PMMA coordinated by him in the Leger Research Group. The article is one of the most relevant on the subject and has followed more than 1,500 patients who have performed almost 3,000 sessions of buttock augmentation with PMMA, where a complication risk of less than 2% was found, which scientifically demonstrates the permanent filling security. .

Chacur also talked about Goldincision, the innovative advanced method of cellulite treatment of which he is the author. Goldincision associates the filling with the detachment of fibrosis, stimulating collagen to treat sagging, which is one of the causes of cellulite and also contributes to the definition of body contour.

The congress brought together some of the most recognized medical specialists in body fillers in the world, discussing the latest trends in facials, body treatments, techniques and cases for debate. One of the highlights was the presence of the German physician Gottfried Lemperle, responsible for the development of PMMA for human implants and lead author of the research on the use of the material since 1985.

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